Partition Styles & Configurations


This economical and sturdy mounting style installs just about anywhere. An anodized aluminum anti-grip head rail secures partitions firmly to the walls.

Clean lines, modern appearance, and solidly braced for new construction or modernization independent of floor condition. The unique pilaster construction combines with anti-grip headrail bracing for structural rigidity. Can be used with light weight concrete or wood floors.


When used together with wall-hung fixtures, the entire floor is accessible for efficient cleaning. Structural steel ceiling supports are necessary to assure proper installation.

Open design at the floor means easy access for better maintenance and reduced operating cost. Goes hand-in-hand with wall-hung fixtures for full floor accessibility. Proper installation requires attachment to structural ceiling support.


Simplified construction permits ease of installation anywhere. For concrete floors only: 2" minimum penetration into floor required.

Perfect for low-ceiling washrooms. Sleek line across top of partitions adds a modern accent. Design and construction ensures easy installation. For concrete floors only, this style requires 2" minimum penetration into floor. Junior Height sizes are available.



This mounting style is extremely stable and durable as pilasters are anchored into both the concrete floor and the structural ceiling support.

This construction style is extremely stable and durable and is recommended for busy washrooms where abusive treatment is prevalent and vandal resistance is critical. Requires concrete floor and structural ceiling supports.


You don’t need to build private rooms to achieve Ultimate Privacy™. Doors and panels up to 72” high plus our No Sight system — continuous stop and hinge side filler that eliminates sightlines into the compartment — guarantee privacy. 

We let you choose from three options, all of which can be configured to meet ADA requirements:

Standard Features:

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